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Reducing your waste - Nappies

Real nappies

Modern real nappies come in many shapes and styles.  Designed to be comfortable and secure, it is easy to find the ideal nappy for any baby.

Real nappies are easy!

  • No pins are needed – real nappies fasten with poppers, Velcro or clips
  • No Hassle - modern fabrics dry quickly and there's no need to soak
  • No boiling - 60⁰C is the highest temperature you’ll need to wash your nappies.

Save money – you can save up to £500 by using real nappies on one baby.  Even more when you reuse the nappies on your next baby or you could pass them onto friends and family.

Reduce your carbon footprint – waste sent to landfill is minimised if you use real nappies and can reduce your impact on the environment by up to 40%.

Need help choosing real nappies?

If you need advice on using real nappies, are not sure where you can buy them or are looking for a particular service in your area then call the Real Nappy Hotline on 0800 328 8175.  The hotline gives you access to parents with years of experience using real nappies on their own children and who are always ready to answer your questions.