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Junior Environment Club

Cheshire West and Chester has successfully run the Junior Environment Club for over 5 years. It is now time to develop the club into a more accessible resource for both the club members and teachers.

The Junior Environment Club has now been transformed into an online resource. The handbook information is now available for you, the Junior Recycling Officer, to use at school along with games, quizzes, certificates and posters. Ask your teachers to sign up to the club by following this link.

Let you teacher know that they will also benefit from signing up to the club as they will get guidance on how to support you in your Junior Environmental Officer role and have access to ready made assembly and lesson plans.


How to get started?

While you are waiting for your teacher to sign you up for the Junior Environment Club there are many activities you can organise in your school to encourage the 3 Rs; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Take a look at the below recycling ideas designed to help your school to recycle.

o    Set up a system for collecting used paper from classrooms and offices in your school. Take the recycling to the main recycling bin at the end of each day or week. Your school bursar may be able to arrange a container to recycle paper from the company they use to take away the schools waste.

o    Encourage your school friends and teachers to use both sides of every sheet of paper. Have collection trays in each classroom for paper that’s only been uses on one side, ready for reuse.

o    Reuse old card, coloured paper and glossy magazines in artwork, and turn old paper into papier mache models.

o    Create a recycling sculpture of school recycling mascot like ’Recyclo, our recycling superhero’ out of packaging and other items that can be recycled. You can run a competition to see who makes the best mascot.

o    Ask your school bursar if your school is buying paper, pencils and other products made from recycled materials. If not ask them if they can try to in the future.

o    Set up a school composting scheme.

o    Borrow books,, CDs and DVDs from your local library, instead of buying them, this will save you money too.

o    Use old egg boxes as seed trays.

o    Make you own recycled paper. To find out how visit Recycle Zone Recycled paper

o    Use reusable containers for you pack lunch

o    When playing in the playground, take a drink with you in a re-usable sports bottle.

o    Make sure no-one is left out; check that the staff room and teachers offices are recycling too.

o    Check out our interesting facts page.


Recycle First Education Centre

As a member of the Junior Environment Club your school is able to visit our bespoke Recycle First Education Centre.

At the centre you can find out about what happens to your recycling once it leaves your home and what recycled materials are made into. On your visit you will get chance to have a go at our interactive activities and also see our recycling operatives and vehicles bringing materials in to be recycled on a safe depot tour.

Visits to the Recycle First Education centre are free of charge to Junior Environment Club schools, why not encourage your teachers to book a class visit.