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Interesting Facts

  • 7.2 million tonnes of food is thrown away by households in the UK every year, and most of it could have been eaten (

  • £36,000,000 worth of aluminium is thrown away each year (

  • The energy saving from recycling one glass bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes (

  • In the UK the amount of electrical waste we create each year would fill Wembley Stadium 6 times! (

  • The UK uses over six million printer cartridges annually, less than 50% are recycled (

  • It takes just seven days to recycle your newspaper into a new one (

  • A forest the size of Wales is needed to supply the paper consumed in the UK every year (

  • 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK, thatís about 15 million bottles per day (

  • Each year in the UK over 600 million household batteries are sent to landfill. That's the same weight as 3,666 Tyrannosaurus Rex's (

  • In the UK alone about 1 million tonnes of textiles are discarded every year (

  • One litre of recycled cooking oil can generate enough energy to make 240 cups of tea (

  • Over 70 billion litres of products are sold in Tetra Pak cartons every year (

  • Weíre a nation of coffee fans, with approximately 70 million cups drunk in the UK every day.  Donít forget to compost those coffee grounds. (British Coffee Association)