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The recycling journey

Have you ever wondered what happens to all your recycling? We have split the process into four stages, simply click on the image discover what happens to each one.

Stage two - collecting your recycling

The 'Recycle First' service uses a fleet of purpose built vehicles, designed to maximise the quality and value of the recycling being collected.

Kerbside recycling

Boxes and food waste containers are collected using a fleet of 'Resource Recovery Vehicles'. These bespoke vehicles have been purpose built to match the recycling needs of West Cheshire.

To ensure householders receive the highest quality service possible, all vehicles are fitted with the latest cutting edge technology including PDA’s and live CCTV recording.

Each vehicle contains a series of separate compartments; the contents of your green box are sorted by hand with the different items being placed into the relevant compartment with other materials of the same type.  The contents from your food waste bin are emptied into a dedicated compartment within the vehicle.

Once this stage is complete, the box containing your cans and plastic packaging is emptied as one into a special compartment; this is loaded from the side but uses special lift and compaction equipment to allow material to run along the entire top section of the collection vehicle.  It is possible to collect these specific materials in this way as they are robust which minimises the risk of damage or contamination.

Finally the collection team will stack the three containers and lids back together, before returning them to the point of collection. 

Garden waste recycling

Your green wheeled bin is emptied into a dedicated vehicle by the collection team.  Whilst the vehicle used is identical in type to those being used for household waste, these are only ever used to collect garden waste. This helps to ensure issues with cross contamination are avoided.

Once the collection vehicle is full it will drive directly to a local reprocessing farm.  As these facilities are located within West Cheshire there is no need to bulk the materials first.

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