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Want Not, Waste Not

The student area traditionally gets bad press when the students move into the area in September as in the past waste issues have significantly increased. 

Cheshire West and Chester Council work in partnership with the University of Chester to make sure that students are made welcome and know about the Recycle First kerbside collection service when they move into the area.

When students leave to go home at Christmas, Easter and when they move out for the summer there is often a lot of waste left behind, some of which could be reused. Most the extra waste consists of cardboard, furniture, textiles, food, excess glass and cans, kitchen utensils, books, toiletries and bedding.

The Want No Waste Not initiative has been created this academic year (2016-17) to combat this waste problem. Successful collections have taken place at Christmas and at Easter in a trial area of the Garden Quarter. Students were given the opportunity to put their unwanted items to good use before they went home for the holidays, and long term residents were kind enough to contribute as well. 

Local charities, Bren Bikes and Richmond House were keen to get involved and have hugely benefitted from the collections. 

Richmond House is a homeless charity and The Bren Project offer people with learning disabilities and autism the opportunity to experience work in a welcoming and safe environment. Find out more about  The Bren Project


Summer 'Want Not Waste Not' collections - 17 & 24 July 2017.

The Easter 'Want Not Waste Not' initiative was a great success; the items collected were of excellent quality and our charities were very grateful to our residents for their contributions.

Due to the trial's success, all Garden Quarter residents of Chester will have an opportunity to donate their unwanted items through 'Want Not, Waste Not' to local charities on 17 and 24 July 2017.

Blue bags and collection information will be distributed to Garden Quarter households ahead of the scheduled collections. Please look out for the information and support your local charities.

Charities involved in this initiative include:

Save the Family

The Bren Project

Cheshire food Bank

The Richmond Centre

If you have any larger bulky items such as furniture which can be reused please check out Changing Lives in Cheshire



 Recycle First kerbside service

When you live off campus you get the same recycling and waste services as other resident in Chester.   If you live in a house you should have a green box, a grey box and brown food bin for recycling.
The average student produces 1.5 tonnes of rubbish during a three year degree course, but reducing and recycling this couldn't be easier.   

Your simple checklist

 Step 1: Find out your collection day

 Visit our collection day finder to check what day your refuse and recycling is collected.

Step 2: Order your recycling containers

 If you haven't got any recycling boxes please report it here and we will deliver some for free.

Step 3: Get organised

  • Be clear about what you can and can't recycle and tell everyone in the house.
  • Print the student recycling leaflet attached and put it on the fridge.
  • Set up a recycling area in your kitchen with separate containers for your recycling and refuse
  • Agree a rota for putting out the rubbish and recycling so everyone gets involved.
  • If you have an unusual amount of rubbish to get rid of, you can order a bulky waste collection or visit one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres

Step 4: On collection day

  • Put your containers out by 7am on collection day (but not before 6.30pm the night before).
  • Bring your containers back off the road as soon as possible after collection.

Step 5: Still unsure? 

 Everything you need to know is contained within this simple students user guide